Temple Beth Emet Book Club

Conducted by Fran Bourne-Johnson

Where:     Blum Hall at Temple Beth Emet of Burbank

When: October 22, 2019  7:00PM to 8:30 PM

What is the book we will read and discuss:    A Changed Man: A Novel by Francine Prose

 What is charismatic Holocaust survivor Meyer Maslow to think when a rough-looking young neo-Nazi named Vincent Nolan walks into the Manhattan office of Maslow’s human rights foundation and declares that he wants to “save guys like me from becoming guys like me”? As Vincent gradually turns into the sort of person who might actually be able to do this, he also transforms those around him: Meyer Maslow, who fears heroism has become a desk job; the foundation’s dedicated fund-raiser, Bonnie Kalen, an appealingly vulnerable divorced single mother; and even Bonnie’s teenage son.

Francine Prose’s A Changed Man is a darkly comic and masterfully inventive novel that poses essential questions about human nature, morality, and the capacity for personal reinvention.

Where to get the book:     The book is available on Kindle and in print at and other retailers.  Please read the book and be prepared to discuss it.

Cost of Participating:        Free!


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