Everything You Want to Know About Havurahs

Havurah is a Hebrew word-meaning gathering or fellowship. It also means friends.

So, a Havurah is a gathering of friends. Our Havurahs are made up of our own Temple members. We join together to enhance our Jewish lives. We explore Jewish values while enjoying discussions, activities and events together.

Each Havurah is different. One might be a group of parents and their “kids” who meet in the park, go for a hike and have a picnic together. Another might consist of five or six couples of similar age who eat out, then have a discussion and dessert at one couple’s home. You might travel around town together visiting interesting sights, attending shows and eating out. A group might consist of multi-generational members who regularly prepare a third Seder for the group, contribute some and time to the Temple as well as enjoying monthly meetings and discussions.

Your group will be your way. You can do the above-mentioned activities and invent some of your own.

Enrich your life, you can join an existing group or form a new one. You’ll be happy you did.

If you would like to join a Havurah or form a new one, contact the office at (818) 843-4787.