Religious School Parents Association

Our Religious School Parents Association works with the Religious School teachers and staff and assists them in providing a high quality Jewish education for our young people, and also works to promote the Religious School and its activities to the greater community. Our members work with the Rabbi and teachers and assist with the planning and hosting of all Religious School holiday celebrations. Our monthly meetings are held on Sunday mornings from 9:00-10:00 a.m. All Religious School parents are encouraged to attend. See below for the schedule of our meetings.


RSPA President’s Message – May 2017

Spring is here and, as hard as it is to believe, the end of another Religious School year is almost upon us.  Our first ever Big Ask fundraiser was held on April 2nd and, at last count, over $1600 was raised for our Temple and Religious School.  Special thanks go out to Jessica Wertlieb, Dan Gura, Barbara Bolter, Ira Goldstein, and Rabbi Mark for serving as representatives on the phones, and to so many of who donated generously and made this new fundraiser such a big success!

Our annual Religious School Passover Seder and Celebration was held on April 9th .The students rotated through a series of centers focusing on prayers, music, food, and a craft all relating to the holiday before attending our Seder which was led by Rabbi Mark.  Many thanks go out to the members of our Parents Association for providing all of the items for our Seder Plates.

Upcoming  events for our students during the month of May will include our Yom Hashoah Memorial on May 7th, our Israeli Independence Day Celebration on May 14th, our Teacher Appreciation Shabbat on May 19th (with the Oneg following the Service to be hosted by our Parents Association), and our final day of Religious School on May 21st which will feature a Dance-A-Thon being held jointly with the families of our Preschool.


RSPA Welcome Letter 2015-16

Religious School Parents Association Meeting Dates 2015-16

RSPA Meeting 9-13-15 Minutes