Religious School Parents Association

Our Religious School Parents Association works with the Religious School teachers and staff and assists them in providing a high quality Jewish education for our young people, and also works to promote the Religious School and its activities to the greater community. Our members work with the Rabbi and teachers and assist with the planning and hosting of all Religious School holiday celebrations. Our monthly meetings are held on Sunday mornings from 9:00-10:00 a.m. All Religious School family member are encouraged to attend.

The Religious School Parents Association President’s Message.

August 2020

Hello Temple Family,

We hope you are staying healthy and well.

Rabbi has already met with our Religious School teachers to plan the upcoming, fall school year. We plan to continue holding Religious School over Zoom until it is safe for us to be together. Closer to the time for registration, I will reach out to families and we’ll plan to meet with the Rabbi over Zoom.

In the meantime, Burbank schools have decided, as well, to stick with remote learning. Children are being scheduled to pick up their school books and classroom assignments this past week and next week. For kids doing distance-learning summer school, classes are ending soon.

As a society, we’ve had to get creative in the ways in which we’ve dealt with the pandemic. My children have participated in sleepovers over Zoom, in which the host child will stream a movie through screen sharing and the participants all watch, then they talk over their own snacks into the night, at least until they fall asleep or parents take their devices. We’ve also participated in Zoom birthday parties in which a frantic parent drives cookies and cupcakes to various households while their children chat happily over Zoom.  I’ve watched my son and daughter host Dungeons & Dragons games over Zoom and Discord. Multi-player games, like Minecraft, is now the place where my son meets his close school friends. Teachers of all stripes: music instructors, ballet instructors and even karate instructors have had to come up to speed quickly on the advantages and limitations of the technology platforms available to us. Many of us, while working from home, have grown closer to our families and neighbors, those people physically close to us, while we strive to maintain connections with our more remote family and friends.

While we all enjoy the benefits of these new technologies, we also know too well that these are no substitute for human contact. Let us strive to continue to support one another during this difficult time.

See you soon, in the fall.