Religious School Parents Association

Our Religious School Parents Association works with the Religious School teachers and staff and assists them in providing a high quality Jewish education for our young people, and also works to promote the Religious School and its activities to the greater community. Our members work with the Rabbi and teachers and assist with the planning and hosting of all Religious School holiday celebrations. Our monthly meetings are held on Sunday mornings from 9:00-10:00 a.m. All Religious School family member are encouraged to attend.

The Religious School Parents Association President’s Message – April 2021

Hello Temple Families,

I hope your Passover celebration has been enlightening, enjoyable, and that you and your family are able to celebrate in good health!

The light at the end of the tunnel just got brighter. Many of our seniors and members who work in health care or who have conditions that make them more vulnerable to complications from covid-19 have already received vaccinations.

BUSD has announced it will start a hybrid model of in-person and distance learning in April. Parents were given the option to sign their children up for some in-person tutoring, and they plan to begin in April. Here is a quote from Superintendent Matt Hill:

“The Burbank Teachers Association and the Burbank Unified School District have come to an agreement that the start of school for all grades will be April 12. We will meet on March 29th to finalize the details, but we have reached an agreement that the morning will stay in Distance Learning and the afternoons will be in-person. At all traditional sites, the students who are opting to participate in the hybrid model will be on campus twice a week in A and B cohorts. The principals will be determining cohorts based on a variety of factors and will be communicating your specific cohort in the future. More details will be shared the week of March 29th. In the meantime, we are excited to return students to campus and still support our students who remain 100% in distance learning.” ( Superintendent Matt Hill)

Here’s a link to Mr. Hill’s full statement on the BUSD site:

Likewise, LAUSD plans to open as well. Superintendent Austin Beutner wrote on LAUSD’s site:

“It’s been an extraordinary year since COVID-19 forced the closure of school classrooms. A time of sacrifice and determination, pain and suffering, and moments of hope and optimism – sometimes all in the same day. I’m pleased to share we see light at the end of the tunnel and plan to reopen school classrooms in April.” ( Superintendent Austin Beutner)

Here is a link to Superintendent Austin Beutner’s complete statement:

LA County has started to schedule appointments for persons 50+, in addition to those currently qualified (seniors, healthcare and essential workers, persons with health conditions that put them at a higher risk.) If you are a resident of LA County, I encourage you to sign up:

California’s Governor has also announced plans to start vaccinating persons 16+ by mid-April, so fingers crossed that many of our adults will be able to receive vaccines soon.

Until we can safely be together in person again, hang in there! Know that time will be soon! In the meantime, wishing you a blessed Pesach!

— Cherie