Our focus continues to be on serving the Temple and the community. Membership in Sisterhood means making a commitment to living Jewish. By being a member, you become an active link in the history of our people. You serve as a role model for Jewish values. Each member blossoms in their own individual way as they experience the camaraderie of Sisterhood and share in service to the Jewish community.

 Sisterhood President’s Message, April 2019

It’s been another busy month for the Sisterhood.  The Temple had its annual Purim celebration.   Purim dinner was provided by the Sisterhood with contributions by the Rabbi, Ira, and some of the Religious School parents.  Thank you to all of the Sisterhood members who contributed food and time.  You all pitched in to help out.  Thanks to Eileen, Marlene, Shirley, Leona, Birdie, Ruth, Cherie, Iris, Lucy, Hanna, Joanne, who baked hamentaschen, Susie Berman who brought hamentaschen too. Thanks to Billy Berman for his delicious macaroni and cheese. Thanks to Anne Berman for her contributions and Jay Geisenheimer for her contributions. Please, if I have forgotten anyone, thank you too.

The Sisterhood members were very happy to support and help out at the Religious School’s annual Purim Carnival.  A great time was had by both the children and the adults!

The Sisterhood continues to support Family Promise which starts Sunday, March 31 and goes for a week.  The Sisterhood will be providing dinner on Wednesday, April 3. Thanks to Susie Berman who co-ordinates the Sisterhood’s participation.

Reminder,  ANNUAL PARKING LOT SALE  is Sunday, April 7 from 8:00-2:00.  You can bring your donations to the Temple starting Sunday, March 31 and all week before the sale.  Please plan on picking up whatever doesn’t sell.  Lunch is available.  Phil Berman is cooking hot dogs!!

We hope to see all of you there!!!

Passover dinner is Saturday, April 27.  Please call the Temple and let Victoiria know if you’re coming.  If you’d like to bring a dish, let the Temple know what you are bringing. We need a head count on this one.  Also, you can donate any of your unused matzo too.

Thanks you!  Looking forward to seeing you at our next Sisterhood and Temple events.



Fran Bourne Johnson