Our focus continues to be on serving the Temple and the community. Membership in Sisterhood means making a commitment to living Jewish. By being a member, you become an active link in the history of our people. You serve as a role model for Jewish values. Each member blossoms in their own individual way as they experience the camaraderie of Sisterhood and share in service to the Jewish community

Cathy Zitnick


Dear Members:

We will not be having a meeting in May.  Our regular meeting day, the first Sunday of the month, will be designated for another of our Sisterhood Parking Lot Sales.  Our Sale will be from 8:00AM to 1:00PM.  If any of you have something you no longer need or want, please feel free to donate it to the Sisterhood so that we may sell it.  I, again, will not be scheduling a food truck, as Temple Beth Emet’s Religious School Parents Association will also be having their Potluck Breakfast that morning.  So please, come to “Eat and Shop” at the Temple on the May 7th.  Since the parking lot will be occupied by the Sisterhood, please remember to use street parking.

Our Community Passover Seder was April 15th at the Temple at 6:30 PM.  This year, the Sisterhood helped out the Temple with its Community Event.  We provided food and place settings for everyone to eat.  The food was delicious and I would like to thank Barbara Bolter, Shirley Abramson, Hannah Cline, Fran Bourne-Johnson, Ruth Glick, and Birdie Zitnick for everything they donated.  We all had such a wonderful time.  I would also like to thank Barbara Lux and her son, Logan, for doing the cooking for the Board.  Had it not been for Barbara and Logan, I don’t know what the Temple would have done.  They actually saved the day.  Many people arrived, which made it the perfect time to catch up with friends and family.  The Temple had quite an attendance which resulted in lots of donations. To be able to celebrate our independence as both Americans and Jews is exceedingly important.  We are very fortunate to have a building within which to sit and a community with which to share a meal and our life’s experiences.

For both Holocaust Remembrance Day and Israel Independence Day the Sisterhood voted to purchase trees to be planted in Israel, rather than choosing one of the days over the other to hold an event.

June will be my last month to represent the Sisterhood as President.  Since we will not be having a meeting in May, the Sisterhood had its annual elections at the April meeting.  Since we are dark in both July and September; the new President, Fran Bourne-Johnson, will have her first meeting in August of this year.  Next month’s article will be my last.

Yours in the Sisterhood,

Cathy Zitnick

Sisterhood President