Our focus continues to be on serving the Temple and the community. Membership in Sisterhood means making a commitment to living Jewish. By being a member, you become an active link in the history of our people. You serve as a role model for Jewish values. Each member blossoms in their own individual way as they experience the camaraderie of Sisterhood and share in service to the Jewish community

 Sisterhood President’s Message, August 2018

The Sisterhood is reconvening on Sunday, August 5th with a 10:00 AM meeting in Blum Hall.  We will be planning for this coming year.

The Sisterhood Installation is Friday, August 10th and is being combined with the Temple Board Installation s being combined with the Temple Installation

The Sisterhood will again be selling Honey Boxes at $10/each.  Details will be forthcoming.  Please contact Lucy Berman at (818) 425-1666 or  You may also call Victoria Gaffney at the Temple Office.  You will be able to buy a Honey Box and donate it to the military.  The report from the military was that the soldiers were thrilled with the boxes.

We are looking forward to another good year.

If you’re interested in joining The Sisterhood, please join us at the August 5th meeting.



Fran Bourne Johnson

Sisterhood President

Temple Beth Emet

(617) 306-3835