Our focus continues to be on serving the Temple and the community. Membership in Sisterhood means making a commitment to living Jewish. By being a member, you become an active link in the history of our people. You serve as a role model for Jewish values. Each member blossoms in their own individual way as they experience the camaraderie of Sisterhood and share in service to the Jewish community

Sisterhood President’s Message, November 2017

The TBE Sisterhood met on Sunday,  Oct.1.  The meeting was well attended with much participation and enthusiasm on the part of the attendees.

The Honey boxes were sold through Sukkot.  Any unsold boxes were given to Kyle Orlemann to give to the Jewish Military Active or Veterans.  Shirley Abramson did a terrific job of managing this project.  Many thanks.

Ron Kurtz has generously donated 20 tickets to the Sisterhood for “A Catskill Hanukkah.”  We have tickets for the Sunday, November 26th, ,5:00 PM performance at the El Portal Theatre in NOHO.  The tickets are $20 each.  Contact Fran Bourne Johnson, (617) 386-3835 or  Please send a check made out to TBE Sisterhood, and write “A Catskill Hanukkah”  in the ledger line. Please send it to Iris Abrams, Treasurer, TBE Sisterhood, Temple Beth Emet, 600 N. Buena Vista Street, Burbank, CA  91505.

The Sisterhood will be gift wrapping at Barnes and Noble Bookstore over the holiday next month.  We will also be participating in a Hanukkah Celebration, as well, on Tuesday, December 18th at McCrory Hall in Sunland.  More details about both activities in the December issue of the Chai Times.

The Sisterhood wishes everyone a very happy Thanksgiving.



Fran Bourne Johnson

TBE Sisterhood President