Our focus continues to be on serving the Temple and the community. Membership in Sisterhood means making a commitment to living Jewish. By being a member, you become an active link in the history of our people. You serve as a role model for Jewish values. Each member blossoms in their own individual way as they experience the camaraderie of Sisterhood and share in service to the Jewish community

Sisterhood President’s Message, September 2017

The TBE Sisterhood met on Sunday, August 6th.  It was decided that the Sisterhood will again be selling Honey Boxes for the Holidays.  The price is $13 each.  Boxes can be shipped anyplace in the US for $20.  We encourage congregants to buy an additional box to donate for the Military.

The price is $25 for 2 boxes if one is being donated to the Military.

Shirley Abramson is again heading up this effort.  She can be reached at home at 818-985-2243 or 818-430-6050 of There is a form on Page 9 in this month’s issue of the Chai Times that you can use.  Checks should be made out to TBE Sisterhood.  We will also have them available after Services on Rosh Hashanah.  Forms are available at the Temple.

The TBE Sisterhood, in conjunction with the Preschool, will be giving out apples and honey at the Preschool Orientation on Friday, September 1st.  The Sisterhood will also be giving out apples and honey to congregants after Services on Rosh Hashanah.

We had a good turn out for our last meeting.  We have exciting plans for the year and invite you to join us.




Fran Bourne Johnson

President, Temple Beth Emet Sisterhood