Book Club

Temple Beth Emet Book Club

Conducted by Barbara Harmon

Book Club was founded by Fran Bourne Johnson Z”L*
*Her memory will always be a blessing to us.

Blum Hall at Temple Beth Emet of Burbank

Wednesday, May 25 – 7:00PM to 8:30 PM (Zoom coverage pending)

What book will we be reading?

The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay by Michael Chabon


A young escape artist and budding magician named Joe Kavalier arrives on the doorstep of his cousin, Sammy Clay. While the long shadow of Hitler falls across Europe, America is happily in thrall to the Golden Age of comic books, and in a distant corner of Brooklyn, Sammy is looking for a way to cash in on the craze. He finds the ideal partner in the aloof, artistically gifted Joe, and together they embark on an adventure that takes them deep into the heart of Manhattan, and the heart of old-fashioned American ambition. From the shared fears, dreams, and desires of two teenage boys, they spin comic book tales of the heroic, fascist-fighting Escapist and the beautiful, mysterious Luna Moth, otherworldly mistress of the night. Climbing from the streets of Brooklyn to the top of the Empire State Building, Joe and Sammy carve out lives, and careers, as vivid as cyan and magenta ink.


The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay is available from Amazon and others in both print and e-book formats. To find a library copy to borrow, check out Goodreads is a source of finding books and includes free library listings.

Synopsis courtesy of Amazon.


M95 masks will be available if needed.