From the President


I am a member of a business networking group that meets every Wednesday morning at 7:00AM.  The group is part a large organization with chapters all over the world.  As with any group, members come and go for various reasons, and the effort always has to be made to fill another chair.  To that end we organize visitors’ days and encourage members to bring guests throughout the year.  Right now we are making a concerted effort to raise our chapter membership to 20, which is where historically have been.  We have been pushing ourselves to bring one or more guest each.  “Each one brings one.”  Some people have been less successful than other, and some have exceeded all expectation.  As our chapter grows, the number of personal referrals each of us gives to the other, either for something we need, or more importantly something someone we know is looking for, grows exponentially.  We all prosper.

We need to substantially grow the membership of Temple Beth Emet.  The only people who can make that happen is all of us.  As our membership grows, the energy and excitement at our Temple will also grow exponentially.  If we could double the membership, the liveliness and creativity of our Temple Community would also grow exponentially.  Think of the activities we could hold, think of all the new ideas, think of all the new friends.  The possibilities are endless, but the possibilities start with each one of us.

“Each one brings one” must be our new way of doing things.  Friends, family members, co-workers, even people you meet at the store or anywhere during your day are all potential new additions to our Temple family.  As I learned in my business network, you shouldn’t try and decide for someone if an organization is right for them, instead have them visit and let them decide for themselves.  We know that once someone visits Temple Beth Emet, they are usually hooked!

As I also learned, sometimes, before they visit, people have to be asked more than once.  Or noodged gently.  Or not so gently.  Or cajoled.  Heck, even kidnapped.  It’s for their own good after all.  Just as it took me months to go to a business network meeting, it may take a little time to convince people to come to Temple Beth Emet.  But when I finally went I found it was something that benefited me, and the people you bring here will find that too.  They will say, “I should have done this long ago.  Thank you for bringing me.”

Right now is the perfect time for you to bring your hostages, I mean guests, to visit Temple Beth Emet.  Things quiet down ritually during the Spring, and they won’t feel they are being pressured to join with the High Holidays imposing.

“Each one brings one.”  A pretty simple concept.  I’m not asking you to bring someone pen in hand ready to fill out a membership form.  Just bring someone, and our loving and welcoming community will work its magic!   Imagine how good it will feel when they say to YOU, “I should have done this long ago.  Thank you for bringing me.”

Wishing you all chag Pesach sameach, a very happy Passover holiday.


— IRA L. GOLDSTEIN, President