From the Rabbi

Rabbi Mark

All that your hand finds to do, do it with your might”-Eccl.9:10

Several weeks ago, I received a call from a gentlemen who was upset that at the January Burbank City Council meeting, ’Pro-Palestinian ‘protesters compelled the City Council to entertain a motion for an immediate cease fire in Gaza. The only council person who spoke against this idea was Zizette Mullins, who felt it was not in Burbank’s interest  to adopt such a resolution as the City Council represented all of Burbank’s citizens. The Council tabled the motion until the May 21st meeting.

Since then, I have had one meeting with the City Manager, the Assistant City manager, Council Person Mullins, Mayor Schultz and members of Jewish Federation and the Burbank Human Relations Council.

We all expressed our concerns over the rise of Anti-Jewish acts since the war began. In fact, the Burbank Police Department is concerned as well. Two weeks ago, the Temple was visited, again, by Police Chief Albanez and Captain Cornils, who chided me because the Blum Hall door was not locked, even before services.

We are also being more vigilant! Before religious school, I stand by the open door as our children enter.

Now, I have something for all of you to do!

In one of the discussions with Council person Mullins, I brought up the idea of a petition explaining our position vis a vis the Cease fire resolution. She thought it was a good idea. It is proactive, but not violent, involves all of the Burbank community, not just Jews, and is physically evident, not just violent verbiage!

My plan is to bring the petitions to the City Council meeting on May 21st in a large box and present the petitions, with the total count, i.e., the numbers of people who oppose the “cease fire resolution”.

The resolution speaks of our concerns, both political and community wise. It also speaks, as I do, that to be part of Burbank means not only physically living here but workingly living here. Please sign it and then ask your friends, your adversaries, everyone who believes it is not Burbank’s role as a city to make such a resolution and more importantly giving in to the violent protests of the ‘pro-Palestinian’ movement. This is not the Burbank way nor the American way. Further, it shows the world, how to protest, PEACEFULLY!!!

When you get signatures, bring them to Temple, either at services Friday nights, or to the office, Ralph is here Monday through Thursday 9-12. We are here Sundays 8:30- 1, at least.


Rabbi Mark

P.S. Thank you Jennifer Larkin for preparing the petition in its final form!!!!


View and Download the Petition HERE