From the Rabbi

Rabbi Mark

“Just when I thought I was out (free of them), they draw me back in!”  Michael Corleone, Godfather III

On May 15, I attended the annual Holocaust Days of Remembrance sponsored by the Burbank Human Relations Committee. It was the second evening dedicated to the 75th Anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto. It was attended by over 100 people. I left there thinking about how much people cared about ending racism, anti-Semitism, bigotry and prejudice.

Unfortunately, my euphoria ended the next afternoon, when I had to testify in Burbank Court against a man who threatened some of our congregants and myself with bodily harm, but more importantly, threatened to burn down our building. For those of you who don’t see this as a hate crime, let me tell you, the felon knew we were Jews or at least members of a religious group when we asked him to leave so we could hold religious services.

My positive feelings are returning, because although, I have not heard yet, but given the tenor of the judge and both attorneys, prosecution and defense, I believe he will be incarcerated in some facility, either penal or hospital.

But one thing from which I cannot derive any joy! There is a candidate running for the U.S. Senate from Northern California who is anti-Jewish and by extension Anti-Israel. He believes that we Jews control the government, the Holocaust never occurred, we Jews made it up, and that America should stop supporting Israel.

I have never before spoken out against a candidate for election, but the President signed an executive order this year allowing clergy to express political views.

The name of the candidate is Patrick Little, he is a member of the Republican Party in the Primary election being held on June 5. He is listed as a Civil Rights Advocate whose party preference is REPUBLICAN. Now it is true that he was asked to leave the California Republican state convention in San Diego, but no one in the California Republican leadership has rebuked or repudiated his comments on Israel, American Jewry or the Holocaust!

Honestly, while overall California has been golden to our people from Levi Strauss to Daniel Pearl to William Kramer, the citizens of Fallbrook in San Diego County elected Tom Metzger to the United States House of Representative, in 1980. Thank G-d it was for only 2 years. So please, please, please talk to all you know who vote no matter where in California they live. Show them this column, forward the two videos below to them, make sure they vote and then organize groups to act as have our friends at the BHRC, SPEAK OUT FOR TRUE CIVIL RIGHTS FOR ALL PEOPLES.

These videos clearly show the type of man Patrick Little is:

Patrick Little speaks after getting kicked out of the GOP convention


Vote/Our Guy/ Patrick Little US Senate for California

The time is exceedingly short, as of the writing of this column, Patrick Little has 18% of the vote according to the polls, but he is tying Diane Feinstein in the Central Valley. Please remember, California has a 2 top vote getter primary system which means that in November it could be Diane Feinstein verses Patrick Little. And if through some unimagined result was to have Little win in November, we would be stuck with this anti-Jewish, anti-Israel, Holocaust denier for 6 years.

The US Senate primary is JUNE 5. There is not much time to stop this violent bigot, who walked out of the Republican Convention dragging an Israeli flag under his feet and then stomping on it for the cameras!

We must show him that the Israeli Flag and we are not ones to be stomped on or defamed. Join me as we rally against those who would finish the Job Norman Lincoln Rockwell, Tom Metzger and Edgar Ray Killen began!

In Love and in Solidarity,

Rabbi Mark