From the Rabbi

Rabbi Mark

 V’ Shinantam Lebaneka! (You will make an Impression upon your Children) Deuteronomy 6

            This month, an era in the life of the Temple Beth Emet Education Community as well as the Temple itself comes to an end. Elain Rosenfeld is retiring as Pre-School Director. She actually wanted to retire last year but was convinced to stay on and see the birth of the 4 year old’s classroom. Now we have  classes of 2 year olds, 3 year olds and Pre-K  preschool students.

     Elaine when we needed you were there to get us started. Then you brought three excellent and, as the parents said, “loving, caring teachers”. In addition you called  for teacher assistants to help the children, especially the special needs ones. You watched, fretted, demanded and loved the Temple’s Pre-Schoolers.

  Once again we are thankful and you have made our Temple blessed with your efforts.

     While we may not have agreed with all of your ideas, and attitudes towards accomplishing your goals, we have never doubted your determination to make the TEMPLE BETH EMET Day School, THE BEST IT CAN BE!

      We know that even after you have left us, you will be thinking how I can get new equipment to make our Preschool even better.

      On a personal note, Thank you, you taught me much that as the Temple Educational Director, I will be able to share with Hayley, the New Preschool director, as well as the Teachers of ALL the classes.

      One of the songs you taught me was” There’s a Dinosaur Knocking at My Door”.

    Please allow me to paraphrase:

    Don’t be a Dinosaur Knocking’ at our Door,  

      Wanting to do Shabbat with us!

     Come Right on in

     We’ll be Welcomin’

  Shabbat together Sitting on the Floor.      




Rabbi Mark