From the Rabbi

Rabbi Mark

“It is a land of Milk and Honey, but…” (Numbers14:8)     

Last month, June fifth, Jews all over the world read the Torah portion entitled “Shelach” named for the 12 spies Moses sent to scout out the Land of Israel before our return. Ten of the spies came back disillusioned, not with the land but with themselves. “It is a land flowing with Milk and honey, BUT…We were ants in our own eyes when we viewed the Canaanites”, they lamented. Their attitude reflected what they felt that our people  could never conquer the land. Only 2, Joshua and Caleb differed,” G-d is with us, we will not fail”, was Caleb’s answer.

Our congregation has members who have a constant active relationship with G-d, while others see G-d as the originator of life, but now stays back and lets us do what we do. Every belief system in between is also found in our House of Truth (Temple Beth Emet in English) Look up Spinoza and the Ba’al Shem Tov. So. Let me add my one of my True beliefs. We are created in the spiritual image of G-d, which makes people G-d on Earth. Rabbi Harold Kushner makes a similar point in his book ‘When Bad Things Happen to Good People’.  People, he says, go looking for G-d’s supernatural miracles and overlook the miracle of the person sitting next to you at 2 o’clock in the morning listening to you spilling your guts. Or the person you call when having a panic attack. Or the person who tells you, “You Are Lovable and Capable”.       Now, as the effects of the Pandemic are lessening but not ended, we need to put our capabilities to work to return us to the ‘Promised’ land’ of a fully functioning Temple Beth Emet.Our congregants’ creativity enabled us to broadcast to the world services from Shabbat to Yizkor, Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur., To be together, Hanukkah outdoors and Purim Indoors, and  have a functioning Religious School for the better part of both 2020 and 2021.

Now we need to dream bigger dreams. Not as ants, but as those who are allied with the Higher Power! Be brave, be proud, be one together. Be US!!!

When we were free before the Pandemic there was always something going on at Temple and not just Friday night.

High holidays, G-d willing, we will be home, Adult Education soon after. We need your input for what we will bring home! Adult Education, Temple Enrichment, Men’s club guest speakers, Sisterhood book reviews, Temple Pot lucks. Bar and Bat Mitzvahs all these make us proud of our congregation, of our students, of ourselves

As we say at Passover, “We were slaves. Now we are free!” Free people create freely, independent people can make us the BEST INDEPENDENT CONGREGATION IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD!

B’ahava and Barukim HaBa’im,

Rabbi Mark